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AboVe The Surface

Above The Surface follows Claire Valley as she starts to walk on water but only while she sleep walks. In the background the Catholic Church has now sent agents to eliminate people performing miracles similar to Jesus Christ. 


Devil and A gun

Tormented by a little voice in her head follow a young girl in an interactive comic to see if she is truly crazy. 

Fj cover.jpg

If I Were The Fool

Within tarot cards there is the idea of the fools journey as the overall path we take in life over and over. So here is what the fools journey would look like if I had taken the journey myself. 


Making Muses

A mini comic about the transformation journey I imagine my little muse has taken. 

Silly Vermin.jpg

Self Storage Comic Strips

An on going series published in Self Storage Now focusing on the small hilarious situations of the self-storage industry.